Water Softeners for Your Farmington, Utah Home

Does your water supply leaves your laundry dull, your hair even duller and the uncomfortable feeling of a “coating” on your skin? The good news is you can fix the problem in your Farmington, Utah, home.

NuWater Technologies installs water softeners and filtration systems that remove the elements that contribute to the problem, giving you fresh, clean water in your home.

Do You Need Water Softeners?

Do your appliances break down frequently? Is your white laundry turning grayer with every wash? Is your hair lifeless? The reason behind all these problems is likely one and the same: You have hard water.

Hard water contains microscopic minerals like calcium and magnesium. This affects how your water performs for cleaning purposes. It also can contribute to scaling within your appliances and your home’s plumbing system.

In short, not only is hard water an inconvenience, it’s also costing you money over time. For example, it’s harder for your water heater to regulate the temperature, and it won’t last as long.

NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

What We Do for Farmington, Utah Homeowners

At NuWater Technologies, we call it investing when our customers purchase and install water softeners in their Herriman homes, because that’s what it truly is: a cost that will be recouped over time, both in lowered energy costs, fewer repeat cycles for cleaning appliances, longer-lasting appliances and raised home value.

Here’s what we do. First, you get a free water quality test. We find out exactly what’s in your home’s water supply, then we design a system ideal for your home based on size, the number of occupants and the problems you’ve been having with your water to that point.

We are confident that you will see a major difference after the necessary water softeners and/or water filtration systems are installed — it’s a night and day transformation!

Water Filtration Offers Answers

Sometimes it isn’t just minerals that are causing problems. Chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides … if you have an unfiltered water supply and you use it for washing, bathing and drinking, you could be unknowingly consuming a range of hazardous materials. This isn’t a scare tactic — it’s reality! The best way to take charge of your drinking water is to use a whole-home filtration system to manually control the quality, and NuWater Technologies can help.

NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

NuWater Technologies Is Different!

Our extensive warranties, dedication to constant customer service and interest in improving your quality of life is what makes us the water treatment team to trust in Farmington, Utah. Using smart technology and our years of experience in the field, we can find the ideal system for your home that strikes a perfect balance between affordability and results. Call to schedule your free home water quality test today!