Water Quality Testing in Utah

Learn What’s in Your Water with Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing answers questions. Why is my water cloudy? Why doesn’t my dish soap work? Why do I smell like chlorine when I get out of the shower?

When your water is contaminated, or simply low-quality, it poses a health risk. It’s not pleasant to drink. You warn your guests away from the tap. Your appliances break down early. You have issues with your plumbing.

NuWater Technologies is here to help. We come to your home and offer free water quality testing so you know what you’re up against and what it will take to break away from a bottled water habit and turn your tap water into something even better.

NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

Homeowners who use a private well are strongly encouraged to regularly test their water supply, but homeowners with public connections need to test as well.

Does your home have lead pipes? If so, lead or copper could leach into in the water. Does your water taste and smell bad? It could be caused by hydrogen sulfide.

Your water may also contain chlorine, radon, coliform bacteria, metals, volatile organic compounds … the list goes on.

Besides the outright dangerous substances that could make their way into your water supply, you could also have an excess of certain minerals that make your water hard and affect your plumbing and cleaning. Too much calcium or magnesium are not good for your water supply.

Your Health Comes First, Get Hard Water Testing

The goal of water quality testing isn’t just to find out what’s in your water, but to resolve the problems as well. Once you know what you have to eradicate, you know what systems will help you get the fresh, pure water you need.

For example, if your family members are suffering from gastrointestinal issues, it’s possible it could be traced back to the bacteria or chemicals in your water quality. Dry skin and chronic eczema could also be caused by sediment in your water supply. Improving water quality can improve health.

You Can Resolve Bad Taste, Odors and Stains in Draper, Utah

Is there anything worse than cringing while you drink a glass of H20 because of the smell and taste? You know water is good for your body, but is your water good for it? Also, hard water can leave behind spots and stains on dishware, fixtures and clothes, just making more work for you.

Boost quality with a softener and filtration system, and these problems go away instantly.

Make Your Supply Better for Your Pipes and Appliances Too

Finally, bad water quality affects your plumbing and appliances. Built-up sediment can cause plumbing backups. Ultimately, water quality testing and a comprehensive whole-home filtration upgrade will save you money on these repairs, but it will make your quality of life better too, and that’s what NuWater Technologies is here to do.

Schedule your water quality testing today with our friendly, informative team. We will come to your house and evaluate your water quality at no charge to you.