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Commercial water filtration systems help to improve the overall quality of water, including its smell, taste and turbidity.

Depending on your needs and objectives, different filtration technologies can provide the solutions you need for your business. NuWater Technologies provides advanced filtration, treatment and purification systems to serve an entire facility, a specific area or individual pieces of equipment.

NuWater Technologies works closely with our Utah commercial clients to identify their needs and provide the solutions that help them meet their objectives.

Today’s advanced technology has significantly improved the effectiveness of commercial filtration systems. Fully scalable solutions can be designed to meet the needs of any size facility, and should your needs change in the future, most systems can be expanded to meet growing demands.

NuWater Technologies typically recommends using advanced carbon filtration technology for systems installed in commercial settings. Carbon filters remove chlorine, bacteria, lead, organic compounds, scale and sediment, all of which can affect the smell, taste and overall quality of water.

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Commercial Water Filtration Benefits for Utah

Commercial filtration systems improve the smell and taste of water. Reducing particulates also helps improve the life span and efficiency of equipment in food service, hospitality and industrial applications.

For businesses that use detergents and other chemicals, filtration improves their efficacy by reducing the turbidity of water. In industrial applications, effective filtration improves processes and productivity, and reduces downtime for equipment maintenance and repair.

In restaurants, bars, hotels, medical and care facilities, filtration makes water pleasant and healthy for drinking, cooking and making ice. You will also save money and be kind to the environment by foregoing bottled water.

Adding a Commercial Water Filtering System

If you believe that adding a commercial filter or other type of treatment system may benefit your business, NuWater Technologies can help you determine the type and size system that would best suit your needs. Some clients prefer to use a point-of-entry approach to treat their facility’s entire system. Others want a point-of-use system for specific equipment or special purposes, such as making steam or ice.

We provide complimentary water testing for commercial businesses throughout Utah to help you identify the nature and extent of any problems with quality, particulates or minerality. Although we highly recommend carbon-faced filtration, we can work with you to provide the type of equipment you need to meet your company’s goals.

For some commercial clients, a more comprehensive solution may be the answer. We can design a hybrid system for purification and treatment, using a combination of advanced filtration and softening technologies.

Contact NuWater Technologies today and speak to one of our water treatment experts to learn more about our effective and budget-friendly commercial water filtration systems.

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