Commercial Water Softeners

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Commercial water softeners reduce scale and hardness, providing a wealth of benefits for businesses of all types.

NuWater Technologies provides commercial softening systems to businesses throughout Utah. Our systems can benefit restaurants, laundry services, labs and industrial facilities, car washes, retailers, grocers, schools, office buildings, hotels/motels, apartments and more.

We leverage advanced technologies to provide highly efficient and cost-effective water treatment solutions designed to improve your processes while saving your company money.

Commercial Hard Water Challenges

Hard water, by nature, has an overabundance of minerals, potentially including iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese. This excessive minerality causes scale buildup in your pipes, in your equipment and on the surface of anything the water touches.

Because minerals interfere with chemical and detergent action, you are forced to use more of these products to obtain desired results. Scale buildup in plumbing pipes and water-using appliances reduces efficiency and increases the likelihood of breakdown. Consequently, you spend more time and money on maintaining and replacing your equipment.

From a customer perception perspective, having hard water in a restaurant, bar, hotel or any type of hospitality business degrades your customers’ experiences and could potentially affect your bottom line.

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Benefits of Commercial Water Softeners for Draper, Utah

Some of the most important benefits of adding a commercial softener to your business are financial and environmental.

Environmentally, reducing scale buildup will improve the efficiency of detergents and heaters. You will need fewer cleaning products and detergents to achieve the same results and you will use less energy heating your water. In addition, most businesses reduce their water consumption after adding a softening system.

Your equipment will last longer and work more effectively, so you will spend less money for utilities and chemicals and reduce your maintenance costs. You will also experience less downtime and fewer service interruptions.

Adding a Water Softener at Your Business

Whatever your industry, the chances are good that you could benefit from adding a commercial softener system.

NuWater Technologies offers complimentary water tests and analyses. Our analysis will identify the specific challenges inherent in your location’s water and allow us to recommend the most appropriate solution.

Although we can provide virtually any system, we advocate ion exchange technology for softening. Our proprietary approach to system design significantly improves the efficacy and longevity of the system.

We can tailor the softener system design to your needs and scale it appropriately for you. We can also provide a hybrid system for commercial water purification and treatment by combining softener technology with a filtration system. Contact NuWater Technologies today to request a complimentary consultation for a Utah commercial water softener system.