Water Softeners for Your Bountiful, Utah Home

Water, water, everywhere water, but not a drop to drink. Is that how you feel when you turn on the faucet at your Bountiful, Utah home?

Both home and business owners in Bountiful call us when their tap is flowing, but the only water that’s coming out is laced with contaminants or it’s just not providing the level of clean they need.

Sadly, it’s a common problem, but thankfully, it’s one we can fix. NuWater Technologies handles the installation of water softeners, filtration systems and heaters at a reasonable price and with a level of workmanship that impresses.

What’s Wrong with Your Water?

Maybe you noticed it as soon as you moved in, or maybe the problem escalated over time. Whatever the case, you’re living with subpar water and it’s making it difficult for you to feel clean.

When you get out of the shower, you feel slimy. When your dishes come out of the dishwasher, they aren’t glossy. When your laundry finishes drying, it’s dull. You want fresh. You want shiny. You want a true clean! But your hard water is holding you back.

Hard water is water that has an overabundance of natural minerals. This might sound like a good thing, but too much calcium and magnesium in your water supply means excess minerals are left behind on everything the water touches. In your case, even though you might not notice it right away, it builds up on your hair, your body, your dishes, your laundry, in your appliances and plumbing too!

NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

You Don’t Have to Reconcile Yourself to a Future of Hard Water

If you’re feeling like hard water is a pervasive problem, you’re right — it is. Thankfully, we have a solution. Water softeners reverse the effects by withdrawing the excess minerals before they have a chance to create problems. You don’t have to wash, bathe, clean and live with hard water!

The Water Softeners are the Ideal Solution for Bountiful Water

In addition, NuWater Technologies handles water filtration installations as well. In many cases, it’s not just minerals that are lowering your water quality. It’s pesticides. It’s bacteria. It’s chemicals. You don’t have to continue consuming and using water that is below your standards. A whole-home filtration system can help!

NuWater Technologies: Our Mission and Our Commitment to You

So how do you actually know what’s in your water? You won’t know — not until you have our team conduct a water quality test. This is the first step in determining the best choice when it comes to softening and filtration treatment systems.

At NuWater Technologies, we don’t want to sell you a system you don’t need. If your water is pure and clean, that is wonderful! We want every person in Bountiful, Utah, to experience the beauty, convenience and health benefits of pure water. That’s what makes us different. Call today to learn more about our water softeners, filtration systems or to set up your in-home test!