How does the integrated water storage system work?

The patented Intergraded Home Water Storage System conveniently provides you with access to a water supply when you need it the most. While your neighbors may be without running water, flushable toilets, warm showers, running the dishwasher, washing machine,(you get the point) it will be business as usual at your home. Your Home Water Storage System connects directly to the main water line in your home and is readily available with the flip of a switch. Unlike some other water storage systems that connect to your main water line, the Home Water Storage System keeps the your stored water isolated, but easily available to your home. This unique water storage system becomes really valuable if your main water supply become contaminated, polluted or unavailable for any reason.  Other free flowing water storage system can be contaminated when the main water source is compromised, but your isolated  Home Water Storage System will make sure you always have clean water readily available for your home.

Be prepared for emergencies!

How do I keep my water storage fresh?

Easiest water rotation ever. This best in class Utah water storage unit features a patented system that ensures plenty of pressure to run water through your entire house. The system will pump water to all faucets throughout your home, including flushing toilets, running showers, washing machines and dishwashers. To ensure you always have fresh, clean water, we suggest renewing the water storage system every 3-4 months, simply turn off the water main, turn on your Utah Home Water Storage System and go about your day with normal water usage. This way the water never goes stale. You just use the water in the water tanks until it runs out. Once your tanks are empty, simply turn the water storage system off and turn the water main back on. You now have fresh water safely stored and waiting for the next time you need it. With our patented Utah Water Storage System, it’s just a matter of flipping a couple of valves, truly the easiest water rotation ever!

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