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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Soft Water in Utah

Good water is good for your health – and soft water is really good water!

Unfortunately, an overabundance of minerals can cause a variety of problems for your family. Hard water can irritate your skin, dull your hair and put your family at risk for developing a host of health problems.

No. 1: Soft Water Is Good for Your Skin

Hard water interacts poorly with soap so, instead of a rich, dense lather, it produces an unpleasant film. That film can accumulate on the skin, causing a variety of aesthetic and health challenges.

And, the more soap you try to use to cut through the sticky film, the more problems you may have.

This sticky film can block pores, leading to breakouts. Your skin may become dry and feel sticky to the touch, and you may feel like you can never get your skin truly clean. Both children and adults with sensitive skin may develop eczema as a result.

When you add a softener system, your skin will feel and look radiant.

No. 2: Soft Water Is Good for Your Hair

When you have hard water, you never seem to have enough shampoo.

No matter what brand you use – or how much money you invest in hair products – you’ll never get that rich lather with hard water. Your hair never quite feels clean after a shower either.

Heavy minerality also dulls the hair and dries it out, causing scalp problems like dandruff.

With a softener system, you will enjoy shiny, vibrant hair and a healthy scalp all year long.

No. 3: Soft Water Is Good for Your Kidneys

The primary minerals responsible for hard water are carbonate and sulfate salts of calcium and magnesium. When you drink this from the tap, these minerals proliferate in the body.

Consequently, the regular consumption of hard water can lead an increase in urinary calcium and magnesium levels. This can, in turn, can lead to the formation urinary or kidney stones.

Softened water, on the other hand, does not contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

No. 4: Soft Water Makes Starting a Family Easier

Research indicates that hard water can potentially interfere with fertility.

Specifically, the minerals can disrupt the production of male reproductive hormones. Even more disturbing, an excess of dietary calcium – as found in hard water – can reduce sperm count and disrupt key functions of the male reproductive system.

When you add a home softener system, you help ensure that every member of your family – current and yet to come – enjoys optimal health and well-being.

No. 5: Soft Water Means You’ll Enjoy Staying Hydrated

You know the importance of staying hydrated but, when your water tastes nasty, it can be a chore to drink the recommended 2.7 liters per day that the research says our bodies need.

When you add a softener system, however, you improve the appearance, smell and flavor of your home’s water.

This ensures that you will always enjoy a clean, clear and refreshing glass straight from the tap. No lugging bottles or paying a fortune for delivery.

NuWater Technologies, based in Draper, Utah, provides high-quality, affordable softening, filtration and heating systems. If you don’t believe you need a softener system in your home, see for yourself. Whether you have your own well or you’re attached to the municipal supply, our professional testing will tell you exactly what excess minerals and unhealthy substances may be coming out of your tap.

Contact us today and let us show you how soft water can benefit the health of your entire family.