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4 Ways Soft Water Saves You Money

Your water will taste better. You will enjoy a host of health benefits, including softer, shinier hair and healthier skin. Housework becomes a breeze too, when you no longer have to fight mineral built-up on everything.

But did you know that softer water can also save you money? It’s true. In fact, for many families, the savings can really add up.

No. 1: Soft Water Extends the Life of Your Home Appliances

You’ve invested thousands of dollars in your home appliances but, every day, your home’s hard water is shortening their life.

The mineral scale builds up in the pipes and hoses of your dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator and water heater. This reduces the effectiveness of operation and overtaxes the mechanical components, as they labor to function as designed.

And most extended warranties will not cover repairs or replacements of those appliances that fail due to mineral scale buildup.

With a home softener system, you will spend less on repairs and replacements of your home appliances.

No. 2: Soft Water Cuts Down on Utility Use – and Cost

Much like your home appliances, mineral scale builds up inside your home’s plumbing system. Your water heater, especially, pays the price for this buildup.

When the pipes in and out of the H2O heater become restricted, the hot water cannot flow normally. Consequently, the heater must labor longer and harder – and use more water – to do its job.

And, if you’re like most families, you’re running your dishwasher and washing machine longer and more frequently, as you attempt to overcome the many detrimental effects of high minerality.

With a softener system, you will cut down on both power and water use – and the costs that go with them.

No. 3: Soft Water Saves Money on Cleaning and Personal Care Products

When you have hard water, soaps, shampoos and detergents simply do not work well. In fact, you may be using twice as much laundry detergent, dish soap and shampoo as you would if you install a salt-based softener system in your home.

And, because of hard water’s negative effects on the hair and skin, you’re likely using more lotion, conditioner and other personal care products to compensate.

Install a residential softener system and you’ll see your product use go way down.

No. 4: Soft Water Helps Your Clothes Last Longer

Every time you wash your clothes, hard water deposits harmful minerals in the fibers of the fabric. This turns light-colored clothes gray and dingy and leaves dark clothes looking gray.

Not only does this make your clothes look bad but it makes them wear out quicker. And because clothes never truly get clean, you’re likely washing them much more frequently than necessary – and using excess laundry detergent to do so.

Your clothes will last longer and look better when you treat them to a softener system.

NuWater Technologies provides high-quality home water softeners, filtration and heating systems to customers in Draper and throughout Northern Utah. If you’re unsure about the water quality in your home, we also offer professional testing. Contact us today to schedule your testing appointment, and to learn more about how you can save money with a home soft water system.